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Marketing consultancy

Full-service, no-nonsense marketing and communication advice.

In-house marketing services, tailored for your company.

Is your business in urgent need of more efficient communication, more effective advertising or more and better content? Do you have a sneaking suspicion that you may have missed the digital communication train? Or have you been meaning to start working on the new website or newsletter – but simply haven’t got around to it yet?

Then maybe it’s time we got to know each other…

What do I have to offer as your personal, all-in-one marketing manager?

I can take over and further develop existing campaigns, draw up a strong marketing strategy and generally take your business communication to the next level. Whatever you need, I can provide – everything is possible.

With 25 years of experience under my belt, working with large and small advertisers and ad agencies, nationally and internationally, I have the knowledge and expertise you require to market your business through traditional channels or out in the wild and sometimes wacky world of digital.


Your own marketing department

Imagine – one person in your company, totally dedicated to your marketing, communicating to the outside world and getting your message across in your name and on behalf of your business!

Strong fundamentals

The basics for all your marketing needs: a new house style, website, image campaign, etc.


I can provide with more services (or fewer), according to your requirements.

About me

I was born on 8th April 1972 in Halle, on the south-western edge of Brussels, where I still live today, with my wife and children.

I’m something of a music, concert and film freak, have green fingers and like to buzz around as a beekeeper. I’m also a bit of a self-proclaimed whizz in the kitchen.

With Dutch as my mother tongue and speaking fluent French and English, I’m happy to switch seamlessly from one language to the other. Bursting as I am with exceptional creativity and great ideas about state-of-the-art traditional, digital and operational marketing campaigns, I really look forward to meeting you.



Looking for a new logo and house style? Want to develop your social media presence? We all have to begin somewhere. And starting from scratch has the big advantage that each new project attracts twice as much attention!

Marketing strategy

What do you want to achieve, how and with what budget? Once I have the answers to these important questions, I’ll draw up an achievable plan with clear goals.

Digital Marketing

Your own website to get you up and running quickly, clear, fluently written newsletters, a current database of prospects and customers. Using secure, state-of-the-art technology and totally in line with privacy rules.

Search Engine Optimization

Go for recognition and visibility on Google! I’ll optimise your website so that you score as highly as possible in search results.

Search Engine Advertising

Ever thought about putting your company on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn? I’ll make sure that your message gets across to your target audience as effectively as possible.

Social media

I manage all your social media channels and create content for more awareness on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Google Analytics

Meten is weten. Ik analyseer je websitebezoekers en evalueer de resultaten van je campagnes met Google Analytics en Google Tag Manager.

Copywriting & Content creation

I have close connections with many award-winning copywriters, whose mellifluous fluency and clever words move, touch and prompt people into action.

Let me start by saying that I am not an advertising agency.

All of the services I provide and create with you, come from your company – just as though you had your own marketing department.

What I do is to come and work in person at your company – although these days, we can do it remotely, if you prefer. And in doing so, I become the marketing/communication/PR point of contact for your business. Of course, we’ll have to bring in external services from time to time, such as maybe an advertising agency, graphic designers, copywriters and translators. Or software developers to handle the digital side. But this new in-house marketing communication team of yours will be put together and managed by me (in consultation with you, of course).